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I'm Kieran J Close, a 28 year old writer from Middlesbrough, UK.

I'd been toying with the idea of writing for years before I did start, but it had always been something I felt was just completely beyond me.

A lot of my favourite books are just so gorgeously written I could have never hoped to come anywhere close, and any thought of putting pen to paper was unreachable. But the concept of being able to detail the world inside your head was something I always wanted to do.

When I moved to Newcastle, in early 2020, I joined a writing group, and spent a few sessions with them at a coffee shop explaining to a group of perplexed-looking authors various pitches I had. They encouraged me to keep going, and after a lot of scribbles and advice along the lines of "No, don't do that", I came up with the concept of a stockbroker who secretly starts fires.

I started writing it, like probably loads of other bored people, in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. I wrote every day, without fail, for about six months, until Who's Got A Match? was born. 

Never in my life before have I experienced something quite like writing a novel. The experience was incredible, theraputic almost. And so I have decided that I'm just going to keep writing and writing and writing until it ceases to become enjoyable.

And regardless of what you actually think of the book, I'd like to invite you along to experience my journey as I (hopefully) become a better writer.

But anyway, enough of me. To buy the book, just click on the cover image below.

Hope you enjoy.


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My Books

Who's Got A Match?

Release date 15/01/21

Tom Percey is neurotic.

With every day at his job selling insurance bonds, his patience frays a little more. He can’t compete with the more boisterous characters on the shop floor. He doesn’t understand the alienating, opulent world of financial London.

He also harbours a secret obsession; fire.

One night out, driven mad with envy and compulsion, he finds himself acting out on his impulses; resulting in a downturn spiral that is so alluring, so dangerous that he cannot stop it.

And the madness that Tom tries to contain brings him everything he wanted- but at a price.

The Shook House

Release date  Spring 2021

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Such a fun book...makes me miss being in the UK!